Use Your Sound Equipment And Your Head

Becoming a DJ is not just about playing other people's music; DJ music and DJ culture have always been connected in terms of genre and style. Recently there has been a huge growth in DJs making something new which is their own music not just playing other music. So whether you are just starting out learning to DJ or you are beginning to feel confident enough to want to start getting more creative with your decks well perhaps it is time to start writing your own music and take it to the next level.

When you first get started in this process, you are of course going to need all of your sound equipment and plenty of music to sample, stick with what you know best. Work with it in terms of both subject matter and rhythm. If you have been listening to music and DJing for a long time then you will know when music sounds good together. You should be listening out for both the dissonance and the harmony, although there is no official guide for this you will have to learn to trust your own ear.

If you want your sound equipment to be completely digital there are many options available to you to digital music mixers. There are many great music mixers available online that are free and others that cost. Although some mixers aren't free many people find it very helpful to reduce much of the work that goes into mixing. There are many free options online but you must be aware that these are far riskier and could damage your computer or sound equipment with a computer virus.

However when it comes to free music downloads you have a wide selection available online, online music sites offer free downloads and is a very popular method amongst budding DJ's to use. If using digital methods just does not appeal and you like to work creatively away from the computer then there are many quality mix devices available to purchase which will allow you to connect to up to six stereos all at once.

There has never been a better time to start making your own music and creativity within DJ culture, take a good look around at what you personally are interested in terms of mixing equipment and styles. With a little practice you will eventually be able to play music that is only limited by your music sources and your own imagination.


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