Factors To Consider When Buying A Digital Multitrack Recorder

A digital multitrack recorder is an appliance that is used to record audio content coming from different musical instruments into music. These devices are commonly used in the music industry. Unlike in the past when such gadgets were not easily available, today the buyer is has a variety from which to choose. There are a number of factors that buyers should consider in order to arrive at the best option for them.

A buyer needs to find out the number of channels that he needs to record. A multi track recorder (MTR) should have enough inputs. A MTR device with two inputs could be suitable for personal use. When it comes to a band, however, the device should have enough inputs to support every instrument and microphone being used.

It is necessary to consider the required features when purchasing a MTR. These devices vary widely on the number and types of features that they offer. Basic recording devices will only allow recording audio and sequencing in real time. On the other hand, devices designed for professional use support onboard effects such as equalizers.

The buyer must consider the desired sampling rate. Some MTRs allow a person to choose the sampling rate at which to record, others do not. For professional recording, the sampling rate of the device should be higher than the CD quality of 44.1 kHz, 88.2 kHz if possible. A sampling rate of 48 kHz is acceptable for armature radio purposes, while it can be used when making a combination of lo-fi and hi-fi recordings too.

Another factor to consider is where the device will be used. Digital multi track recorders come in varying sizes. For field recording, one should consider buying a gadget that easily portable, possibly by hand or hanging around the neck. When there is no need to keep moving the recorder, the size will be determined by other factors such as the available space.

It is necessary to consider the desired audio formats. Different recorders allow users to record at varying audio formats including WAV, AIFF and MP3. Some of the recording devices allow choice of desired formats while others do not. It is essential to check the product specifications for the supported formats before buying.

The basic rule when buying a digital multitrack recorder is, 'Try before you buy'. Products that provide a lot of features at a low cost often produce poor quality audio. The product specification guides also provide a lot of relevant information regarding recordable formats and channels as well as sampling rates. This information may be available online or at the physical stores selling the products.


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